Creating an online course? You think you know, but you don't!

“If people just follow directions they will learn.”  A friend of mine said that to me the other day. I want you to think about that statement for a moment.

Think of a time when you were given specific directions on how to do something and still didn’t know how to do it or couldn’t apply it when it was all said and done. It happens to all of us! 

If someone isn’t learning it is because the person sharing the information isn’t using the right strategy to teach them.  Plain and simple.

And when the customer doesn't perceive value, at best they won't optin for the next level of your sales funnel and at worst they will ask for their money back. Somewhere in there the saddest part of all will happen: they will lose faith in your brand!

Most online courses only share the WHAT of the information (where their creators feel the hub of the content is), but they DRASTICALLY miss the mark.

With my system and process for course creation in place, your audience will learn, grow, and beg to be a part of whatever you are offering! After all, what student ever turned down their sensei?